Who are we?


Hi! We are Yoli & Ivena, two sisters with African & European roots, creators of Aishea Home Handmade Textile Decor, inspired by the scents, colors and bustle of the southern hemisphere markets.

Thank you for shopping craftsman made! We believe each home tells something about of those who live in it. The pieces we put in our homes become a part of that story. As we work with textiles coming from all Africa and handcraft each pillow, we do with careful attention to every detail because we know the value of that unique touch in your home. we bring you perfection to the next level.

Eco-Friendly, Faire-Trade & Hand-Made Textiles.

At Aishea Home we make sure that all the textiles we use for our creations are Eco-Friendly, Faire-Trade & Hand-Made... We use original textiles from different countries that have ben made with traditional hand-woven and dyed techniques.