You are in front of a very special piece of history and culture. These textiles are timeless. The colors of the ANTIQUE INDIGO TEXTILES are mainly indigo blue and white stripes.


ANTIQUE INDIGO TEXTILES have a faded and aged colors that give them a vintage look. Some may have patches or small worn holes. the composition is  100% cotton. Thick and soft fabric. they are very versatile, from wearing as a blanket, decoration, or to make clothing or pillows. Made in Mali.


The antique indigo is an antique fabric. It has been used for years if not decades. That is the reason that it's faded as it is and the reason that there are some stains as well as holes that have been repaired. - Every piece is unique. - Color may differ from the color displayed on your monitor. - Dry clean or very soft hand wash due to their natural dyes may fade in contact with water. - Due to the type of dyes used, they may also bleed to contact. This is especially applicable to brown fabrics.